AW17 Lineapelle London: Trend Reflections

Lineapelle’s Crystal Ball

It’s not often that Team Evissa have time to reflect on trend predictions but as Pre-Fall launches, we thought we’d take time reflect on the materials trends Lineapelle London predicted would be important for AW17.


And the winner is…Reptile!

Back in July last year, we gave reptile textures the #1 spot in our Top 10 Materials. Both natural colourations and exotic rainbow shades were shown in abundance at Lineapelle.  On our latest London shopping report, the trend was certainly proving popular in beautiful Autumnal shades of Brown, Amber and Soft Grey.

reptile bright

Unexpected colour combinations and flashes of bold, bright reptile textures were predicted as an important variation on the classic reptile texture: Fendi and Furla thought so too, as we can see in their latest Pre-Fall collections!


Paint the Town Red!

Cranberry, Deep Magenta and Lipstick Red dominated at Lineapelle and Team Evissa felt suitably inspired: we gave them three spots in our colour palette Top 10.  Fast forward a year and we find these tonal red shades in smooth leathers, metallic finishes and plush suede.


Striking simplicity

Embroidery techniques showcased at Lineapelle were densely patterned, opulent and most importantly, monocolour.  A single colour thread on a plain base, this technique signals a move away from multi-coloured floral motifs of SS17.  We especially love Tory Burch’s gold and black across body bag: simple and sophisticated.

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