The Story of Evissa

Before becoming the go-getting, trend-hunting spearhead of our company, Evissa founder and Managing Director June earned her stripes as a Fashion Buyer with one of the UK’s largest retailers before becoming a Senior Product Manager for an international footwear and accessories supplier. Our background and varied experience mean Evissa uniquely understand the fast-paced challenges of a fashion buying environment; what buyers want and how to deliver above and beyond expectations.  In June’s own words, “I want to be the supplier that I never had” and through our service, make life easier for all the super-busy buyers out there, working tirelessly to create exciting, aspirational collections!

The China Chapter

Evissa’s wealth of knowledge and expertise extends from the UK Head Office across to China where Operations Manager, Yoyo manages sourcing, production and quality. June and Yoyo share the same work ethic and ‘WE CAN DO IT!’ attitude. When their previous employer liquidated, starting Evissa was the obvious course of action – this enabled them to continue providing key clients with a service they need whilst expanding the brand portfolio through buyer recommendations. Since 2010, they have encountered every type of production challenge and between these determined, resourceful ‘bag ladies’ we have yet to find a bag which cannot be designed and made! Team Evissa have extensive product experience ranging from clothing to footwear and accessories however, our true passion is bags. We love what we do and our commitment to clients is demonstrated through the service we provide.



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